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Submission Eligibility

Step 1:  Assuring resources meet the “Standard of Excellence”

The National Project for Excellence in Environmental Education is a program of the North American Association for Environmental Education which establishes guidelines for development of “balanced, scientifically accurate, and comprehensive environmental education programs and materials”. The statements below represent an abbreviated version of the guidelines and help determine if your program(s) meet a basic standard for credibility. If your organization upholds these standards, check the box below the statements.

If you are unsure that your organization meets all of the criteria please contact us to discuss this information.

For each Resource that you provide, you will be asked to indicate which Oregon Environmental Literacy Strands your resources address.

My organization’s Programs and Resources:

  • Represent a fair and balanced approach to environmental problems, issues, and conditions, and reflect a diversity of perspectives on them
  • Foster awareness and understanding of the natural and built environment, and build knowledge and skills that enable learners to address environmental issues
  • Are designed for an intended audience and apply instructional techniques appropriate for that audience
  • Are aligned to state academic standards

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