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The goal of the Oregon Environmental Literacy Program is to support teachers in collaboration with non-formal educators to foster Environmental Literacy of Kindergarten through 12th grade students by engaging students in activities and experiences that:

  • Increase their awareness, understanding, and knowledge of the environment and their relationship to it
  • Participate as citizens in the stewardship of the environment
  • Prepare them to engage in actions that ensure a sustainable future
  • Contribute to establishing healthy lifestyles

To accomplish this goal OELP works to build the capacity and confidence of educators by:

  • Providing statewide professional development for non-formal educators to cultivate excellence in Environmental Education. Providing support for improving program quality and alignment to education standards
  • Conducting Research and Assessment of current environmental education programs to qualify and quantify educational, social, behavioral benefits of environmental literacy
  • Providing access to support and provide resources for teachers, community educators, general public via an on-line Resource Directory
  • Building capacity for environmental literacy through statewide partnerships, including Regional Teams

The OSU Leadership Team are OSU Extension faculty that provide administrative oversight of the program and work with a Program Council to provide strategic leadership and implementation.

LeeAnn Mikkelson
OELP Program Coordinator
Maggie Livesay
OSU Extension
4-H Natural Resources Outreach, County Leader
Pat Willis
4-H Youth Development Faculty, Washington Co.
OELP Grant Coordination
Elissa Wells
4-H Youth Development Faculty, Douglas Co.
OELP Impacts, Awards and Recognition Coordination
Barbara Brody
4-H/Familiy Community Health Faculty, Malheur Co. Extension
OELP Regional Network Coordination

The OELP Program Council is a “working” council comprised of 12-15 members representing organizations and stakeholders across Oregon with a strong interest in Environmental Literacy. The Council works in partnership with the OSU leadership team to develop a strategic plan, sets priority projects in each identified focus area, and implements priority projects. Council members are selected by the leadership team through an application process.

Norie Dimeo-Ediger
Oregon Forest Resources Institute
Director of K-12 Education Programs
Steven Braun
Environmental Science and Education Consultant
Alison Heimowitz
Metro: Waste Prevention and Environmental Services
Education Specialist III
Carolyn Nesbitt
High Dessert Museum
Curator of Education
Jennifer Grube
Western Oregon Outdoor School
Director, Philomath Outdoor School Program
Kathryn Lynch
University of Oregon
PH.D., Co-Director, Environmental Leadership Program
Jenn Berry-O'Shea
Powell Butte Community Charter School
Statia Ryder
Curry Watershed Council
Watershed Education Coordinator

These are teams of 2-3 individuals from an area of the state that bring together their local networks agencies, organizations, tribes, business and others who deliver or engage in K-12 environmental education programming. They are promoting regional collaboration in sharing information and resources, assessing needs, and providing training.

Jackie Wilson
The Environmental Center
Sarah Shaw Roberts
Oregon Coast Aquarium
Heath Keirstead
Benton Co. Soil & Water Conservation Dist.
(541) 753-7208
Jody Einerson
OSU Ext. Benton Co. Sustainability Stewards
(541) 766-6750
Lacey Moore
Kristi Foster
Tillamook Estuaries Partnership
Bethany Thomas
Ecology in Classrooms and Outdoors
Jen Nelson Sneed
Stephanie Wagner
Portland State University
Bonny Glendenning
Port Blakely Tree Farms
John Sheehan
Amy Busch
Wallowa Resources
Robyn Anderson
The Museum of Natural and Cultural History (University of Oregon)
Beth Krisko
Forests Today and Forever
Libby VanWyhe
North Mountain Park Nature Center
Bird (Teresa) Wicks
Klamath Watershed Partnership