Statewide Resources

OELP Resource Directory

The Resource Directory will help you find resources, programs and field sites that will help you engage students in activities that build environmental literacy. Share this site with your colleagues and encourage your program partners to add their resources into this website.

OEL Strand Alignment to Standards

The OEL alignment team developed one-page alignment documents for each grade level. Each document shows alignments between NGSS, geography, and social studies standards and provides guiding questions to support instruction.

North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE)

NAAEE is a network of professionals, students, and volunteers working in the field of environmental education throughout North America and in over 55 countries around the world. Since 1971, NAAEE has promoted environmental education and supported the work of environmental educators. NAAEE promotes excellence in environmental education and serves environmental educators. 

Associated Statewide Environmental Education Organizations

Oregon Outdoor Education Coalition (OOEC)

  • The Oregon Outdoor Education Coalition is working to secure significant and lasting public funding for every Oregon fifth or sixth grader to experience a full week of Outdoor School or similar programming.

Oregon Environmental Education Association (EEAO)

  • EEAO promotes and influences environmental education on national and statewide level.

The Gray Family Foundation (GFF)

  • The Gray Family Foundation is an Oregon funding organization that provides resources and support for outdoor learning.

Facilitator’s Guide for Building and Integrating Environmental Literacy

This guide provides a replicable model using a set of planning and assessment tools and an adaptive strategy to incorporate environmental literacy into a learning environment. The model assists formal and non-formal educators and communities to identify and implement multiple strategies, resources and tools to integrate environmental literacy within their educational systems and communities.