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Step 1:  Assuring resources meet the “Standard of Excellence”

The questions below represent an abbreviated version of the National Guidelines for Excellence Project from the North American Association for Environmental Educators.  They help determine if your programs meet a basic standard for credibility.  To access the complete set of guidelines go to:  http://eelinked.naaee.net/n/guidelines/topics/National-Project-for-Excellence-in-EE

Please answer the following questions, then click “next.”  If you deliver multiple programs, you'll need to check the eligibility questions for each program separately.  If you are unsure of the answers or your program does not meet all of the criteria we will call you to discuss the information.

My organization’s programs and resources:

1) Represent a fair and balanced approach to environmental problems, issues, and conditions, and reflect the diversity of perspectives on them?

2) Foster awareness and understanding of the natural and built environment and build knowledge and skills that enable learners to address environmental issues?

3) Are designed for an intended audience and apply instructional techniques appropriate for that audience?

4) Are aligned to state academic standards?

5) Which of the following Oregon Environmental Literacy Plan Strands does your program address?

Please note: the following strands address what student at a 12th grade level should know and be able to do. If your program focus on a lower grade-level then you will need to determine how that strand would look at that grade-level.

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Information about OELP Strands can be found in our Environmental Literacy Strands document.
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