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This an exciting time for Oregon and for Oregon’s 5th/6th grade students as we launch a new era of Outdoor School. The Oregon State University (OSU) Extension Service is looking forward to assuming leadership for building a statewide program that builds on a legacy that began in 1966.


 Solicitation Now Open: Outdoor School Advisory Committee and  Work Groups 

    1. Letter from the OSU Extension Service Director
    2. Advisory Committee Position Description
    3. Work Group Position Description
    4. Application for Advisory Committee and Work Group(s): 

        Online Application or PDF Application


 Participate! Ask questions, give feedback, complete surveys, provide  review

    Submit Your Questions and Comments!

     Survey: Impacts of Outdoor Schools on Building Environmental Literacy




 Information: Documents and Meeting Notes

     Compilation of Submitted Questions and Comments






 OSU Extension Outdoor School Updates

    January 2017  Communication Update #1

     February 2017  Communication Update #2





 Resources for Outdoor Camps and Programs

    Map of Camps in Oregon