Information for Resource Providers

For decades organizations and agencies have been providing Oregon’s youth with the experiences that help to build awareness, understanding and knowledge about our states natural resources.  The Oregon Environmental Literacy Plan provides a framework for organizing these efforts to ensure that they  become lifelong stewards of their environment and community; are willing and able to exercise the rights and responsibilities of environmental citizenship; choose to interact frequently with the outdoor environment; have multifaceted knowledge of our relationship to the environment and its resources; and are prepared to address challenges and make sound decisions for our future.

About The Resource Directory

Our directory is a tool intended to give formal and non-formal educators a place to go to search for and access high quality environmental education resources that contribute to environmental literacy as defined by the Oregon Environmental Literacy Plan: Towards a sustainable future http://www.ode.state.or.us/gradelevel/hs/environmental-literacy-plan-2013.pdf

By providing resources for this directory, you will be helping educators find resources in their area that will contribute to environmental literacy while also addressing education standards.